It's Steel Band Culture Youth!

The Lake Worth High School Steel Drum Band under the direction of Ed Stephen

We are so proud of these amazing and talented young people.

Message from Ed Stephen:

“My goal is to give young people the joy of music while helping to build self esteem. Learning to play the steel drum gives them the ability to play a unique instrument while performing a variety of different types of music. And best of all, it’s so much fun!”

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Watch the moves and enjoy the music. A patriotic tribute that had the crowd cheering for more!

Steel Band Culture Youth On The Road

Seminole Ridge High School, Race for the Arts, West Palm Beach Zoo

It was a chilly morning in West Palm Beach as we participated once again at the Race for the Arts run at the Dreher Park Zoo, this time with the Steel Drum Group from Seminole Ridge High School. We played some of our favorites while the runners flew by. Clapping and waving as they passed along their route, we hope our music gave them some sustenance to go on to the finish line!

Lake Worth High School, Race For The Arts, West Palm Beach Zoo

We were all up very early to play at the Race for the Arts 4K run which began at 7:00 am at the West Palm Beach Dreher Park Zoo. A number of different young groups performed, from singers to dancers and of course, our fabulous Lake Worth High School steel drum musicians! A few of the Lake Worth High School teachers ran in the race and placed very well. A worthy cause benefiting the arts in Palm Beach County schools.

Children and Parent’s Day, Celebrating the Apple Fruit

The SBC Youth group played at the 9th Annual Children and Parent’s Day held in Boynton Beach where the theme was “Celebrating the Apple Fruit.” Lots of youngsters showed up with their parents to participate in the interactive workshops. The best part was the delicious apple dishes cooked up by local chefs. Yummy!

Sand Sculpting and Sea Food Festival, Lake Worth Beach

This event, held at Lake Worth beach, was a huge hit with the crowds. The stage was located right on the main road in front of the Casino Building with food vendors along the road. The crowds were so impressed with the Lake Worth High School steel drum group as they rocked the stage with their music and choreography. The entire show was captured on video, check it out here.


Lake Worth City Square Concert

It was a fun day in the central square of downtown Lake Worth when the Steel Band Culture Youth group amazed the passers-by with their drumming talents. They successfully sold many Lake Worth High School coffee mugs for fund-raising and collected a good amount of tips!

Reggae Fest, Lake Worth Bryant Park

The kids had a great time playing at the Lake Worth Reggae Fest for 2 years in a row. Each time they got to come back to check out the evening entertainment. They even managed to make their way on stage with some of the big acts as well as doing the conga line throughout the park. What hams!

In The News!

Ed Stephen

Palm Beach Post

May 24, 2012

Lake Worth band students like sound of steel drums.

Ed Stephen was featured in this Palm Beach Post article after local staff writer, Willie Howard, saw and heard the Lake Worth High School steel drum group in action.

“During a recent practice session at the high school, the young steel drummers were playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow in a Calypso style that would make Judy Garland smile.”

Read the full article here.

Letter from Congress

“I am writing to commend you for the fine work you are doing as Director of Lake Worth High School’s Steel Drum Band. Thanks to your guidance and encouragement, these young, enthusiastic musicians will find their skills improved each time they perform. You have helped them discover an interest in calypso music, and they are surely very grateful. Playing steel drums is an activity they will enjoy all their lives, and they will always remember you fondly for the work you did with them.”

Alcee L. Hastings

Member of Congress, 23rd District, Florida, May 25, 2012

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